High Quality Information is the Ultimate Asset
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Practical Privacy
How to Keep Your Life and Your Personal Data Out of the Public Information Marketplace
By The Silver Lake Editors

Personal financial data has become the most sought-after asset in the information economy.

Crooks want your data—but they’re not the only ones. Internet marketers use personal information almost as aggressively, but by selling their customers’ personal information. Retailers, schools and government agencies collect more personal information on clients, students and applicants than they admit and then do a sloppy job of protecting it and you. GPS devices are cool and useful—for other people to keep tabs on you.

What can consumers do to manage these risks? This book has the answers. The tips in this book will reduce the number of unwanted phone calls, spam emails and junk mail that the reader receives. In practical, plain English, readers get the tools they need to keep their private information private.

270 pages, trade paperback
(4½” x 7¾”) ISBN: 1-56343-799-6
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